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Teddy Moon
Teddy Moon
Teddy Moon
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Teddy Moon

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Teddy Moon Comforters give your baby a sense of security, they are gentle and easy for little hands to hold onto and snuggle in to. While also acting as a dummy holder these Teddy Moons make it easier for babies to hold their dummies after they fall out or simply find some comfort in the moon by itself.

Be sure to remove this cuddly toy from your baby once they fall asleep and place their Moon close by where they can see it outside of their sleeping area.

These fleece moons have several uses so your little one can:
✓ use them as a dummy/pacifier holder
✓ use them as a comforter

✓ use them as a toy
✓ hang them from a play gym or pram

Teddy Moons are perfect for babies as they learn new textures and are appealing to young minds with their neutral colours. Teddy Moons are available in three various colours: Mocha, Latte & Blush.

Material: 100% Polyester Moon with 100% Cotton Ribbon.
Size: 11cm x 10cm x 2cm (Moon) & 14cm (Ribbon) approximately.

Care Instructions: Gentle machine wash and dry laying flat.

WARNING: Do not let your baby sleep with a comforter. Please remove from cot or bassinet when your baby is sleeping.

Disclaimer: All moons are handmade therefore each one its unique and may deviate slightly from the product shown in the photo.