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Amber Teething Bracelet & Anklet
Amber Teething Bracelet & Anklet
Natures Child

Amber Teething Bracelet & Anklet

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Nature's Child Pure Baltic Amber Bracelet/ Anklet for Babies in Cognac, a Single Solid Golden Colour

This Amber Bracelet/ Anklet for Babies is 100% Genuine Baltic Amber. Parents love these bracelets and you'll see quite a few babies wearing them. Some parents report that their baby is calmer when wearing an amber necklace. Parents should know that there is no scientific evidence which supports the claims that amber calms babies or helps the teething process flow easier. It is parents making these claims from experience and not every parent reports the same results. 

In medieval times it was common for adults to place amulets on babies for safe keeping. Doing this was thought to help ward off evil spirits and keep the child safe from harm. Amber featured strongly in amulets and jewellery for children.

Also available in necklaces. A Baby amber bracelet/ anklet can be worn from any age a parent is comfortable. This bracelet is 13-14cm long. 

Safety Warning

  • Parents should always supervise their infant child when wearing the necklace or bracelet
  • Remove the necklace or bracelet when their child is asleep or unattended
  • Do not allow their child to chew the necklace or bracelet

Nature's Child is an Australian Certified Organic baby skin care brand that is built on values of being ethical, natural and responsible. Nature's Child focus on using ingredients that are biodegradable and also use packaging that is recyclable.